The winter after the San Francisco haul out was spent installing the cockpit. Through all of this my girlfriend Emily was magically transformed into my fiancee. Naturally Nada Bear needed to be a part of the wedding. Between sailing, wedding plans, and work, we managed to re-do the varnish and prepare the boat for the ceremony. We were married on October 1 1994 at the Sequoia Yacht Club in Redwood City. Since our life had been taken up by Nada Bear it was only fitting that we sail off into the sunset on her as we left the wedding.

1995 was a good year for Nada Bear. We participated on many yacht club cruises around the bay area, got involved with the club management and had an overall good time.Come spring of 1996 we were expecting our first child. This limited our sailing due to "afternoon sickness". Naturally the boat didn't get much use fall and winter of that year. Come spring 1997 I noticed some cracked ribs on the port side and proceeded to sister them. Easy enough.

It soon became clear to my wife and I that Nada Bear had become to small for the three of us. Soon after we purchased our house ( the year after we were married) we were at a Cinco De Mayo party at the yacht club when we met up with a local yacht broker who showed us a stunning schooner. We looked into her but she was over priced. Never the less we fell in love with her but not the price so we put Sea Runner II out of our mind. 

Fast forward late spring of 1997 we noticed a schooner for sale in the back of the local Latitude 38 sailing magazine. Sounded like the description of Sea Runner II but at half price. We looked in to the boat and indeed it was her. After wondering if we really were crazy, we purchased her. She was docked in Monterrey Harbor California. It took me about six weeks of weekends to get her engine running and ready for the trip to Redwood City. Enough about Sea Runner II that's a story for another web site (coming soon).

With all this going on poor Nada Bear wasn't used much. Now I had a big problem, two wooden boats and the costs involved. Most of my free time (they're wasn't much) was spent on keeping Sea Runner 's deck from leaking. 

Life keeps happening. Late spring we discover our second child was on her way. I put Nada Bear up for sale through Latitude 38 classifieds. No activity. By the end of the summer I did another Haul out to clean up the paint. New topside and anti fouling and a freshening of the varnish. My wife's uncle Jerry had been admiring Nada Bear for years and was very interested in her during this haul out. I decided to sail her to a brokerage in Sausalito that specialized in wooden boats and asked Jerry to help me sail her to the broker. On our way up the bay he decided to purchase her.

The relief of simpler life was short lived. My daughter was born 3 1/2 months early later that year. 

Nada Bear had a great new home and was loved by Jerry.